Dealership Experience

Car, Boat, Motorcycle, RV dealers and more! Great opportunity to give your potential buyer a personalize

 item with your logo on it to take away. 

  • Extend your marketing dollars
  • VIP experience for the customer

In house engraver for use with product purchase.

Engrave At Your Facility

Let us give you a free to use Jupiter Sports Engraving system so you can personalize on site. 

Have an event? Let us engrave the bulk of the names and you can just do the few changes or additions that pop up.

  • Guest, Member and Client gifts
  • Events and Tournaments

Shop sales - increase your revenue

In house Promotions and Fulfillment

Let our engraving department personalize in house and get your engraved products to you

3 days prior to your event or shipped direct to your customer! 

  • VIP feel
  • Send us names 10 days prior to event
  • Fulfillment turnaround time 2-4 days in the mail
  • ​Only $3 per name for in house engraving

Onsite Sports Promotions​

Offer a true and unique customer experience by having Jupiter Sports onsite personalizing our products

  • Increase sales revenues
  • Enhance the experience
  • Experience tents, Marathons, Wine and Music Festivals, Sports Venues


Treat your customers like more than a number! Thank them with a personalized luggage tag with their name on it.

 item with your logo on it to take away. 

  • VIP experience
  • Easy and high end gift at a low cost

Banks, Board Rooms, Staff appreciation, Sales tools, Company outing gifts

Golf Market 

Personalize onsite to increase your golf shop traffic and sales, enhance you member and guest experience and to save on backroom budget items.

  • Member bag tags, Guest bag tags, Tournament tags
  • Name badges, Locker tags, Trophy plates

Junior, Player, Corporate, Staff Gifts!


Staff Appreciation, Client Thank You Gifts and Holiday products

LET US DO THE WORK! We will hold your ordered custom logo products in house, email us the copy you'd like for your letter and let us personalize and ship for you.

Personalized gifts

  • VIP treatment

Unique gifts for everyone

Think Outside The Box!

Create a one of kind concept to enhance any event experience.

Golf - Stadiums - Marathons - Food and Wine - Onsite Events - Fundraising - Revenue - Fan and Participant Experience - Promotional products - Engraving - Promotional items

Stadium Enhancement

Jupiter Sports will give the stadium an engraving system to use to personalize our products on site. Great for VIP Suites. 

  • Put the engraver on a rolling cart and engrave in the suites as needed! Giveaway and Sales items~
  • VIP experience

Junior, Player, Corporate, Staff Gifts!


Hotels and Conferences

Have a Jupiter Sports representative at your conference personalizing staff and clients gifts on site... maybe during cocktail hour or lunch?

  • Let them get it the way they want it
  • VIP treatment

Unique gifts for everyone